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Scallopalooza, It’s Clamtastic!

On Sept 24 2016 our community gathered forces at our 6th Annual Scallopalooza, It’s Clamtastic! fundraiser and not only met, but exceeded Sarasota Bay Watch’s funding goals for scallop and clam restoration. It was a fantastic evening and a fantastic result!

A group of 200 meet at the beautiful waterfront Sarasota Yacht Club for dinner, presentations, auction, and networking to support SBW’s expanded shellfish restoration initiative. We are thrilled to not only continue the important work of scallop restoration, but also start southern hard shell clam restoration as well. Those present included: City of Sarasota’s Sustainability Manager, Venice’s Mayor, aquaculture professionals, estuary representatives, Sarasota County staff, marine biologists, reef restorationists, scuba diving groups, and neighborhood groups, as well as the Executive Directors of the Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida.

There were long time loyal supporters as well as new SBW friends, all excited about our community restoration initiatives. SBW’s Youth Ambassadors, representing 5 local schools, were the volunteer work force behind the successful evening, and a terrific Keynote speech was given by Sarasota Bay Watch’s student board member Delainey Deitz, a senior at Riverview High school.

SBW has already released over 21,000,000 scallop larvae this season! And the newly acquired funds will ensure the continuation of this long term, community-driven, restoration effort, and expansion into clam restoration.




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