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8th Annual Monofilament Cleanup

monofilamentWho: Volunteers like you who love to make a difference!

When: Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016 at 8:30 – 12:30

Where: Launching from Sarasota Sailing Squadron

How: Sign up at

Registration: Required

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Lunch available after the cleanup for participants

Community Service available for student volunteers

Removing fishing line from bird nesting habitat, islands and coastlines helps to protect our sea birds from fishing line entanglement – which almost always results in death. Sarasota Bay Watch collaborates with Audubon Florida to cleanup bird rookeries in October because most birds do not nest in the fall.

The fishing line collected will be weighed and measured and the data shared with local and state scientists working on entanglement issues. It is a great way to make a real difference for our waterbirds and other marine wildlife.

What you need: Boat or Kayak preferred. We will have limited space available on boats and kayaks. If you don’t have a boat, we will try to get you onto a boat with space or into an available kayak. Some cleanup can also be done on foot around the bridges. If you live on the water and would like to clean your neighborhood before coming for lunch at the Squadron call: 941-232-2363 for materials.

What to Bring: Sturdy footwear, sunscreen, eye protection, hat, gloves, water, and an enthusiastic spirit.

Come, join our volunteer powerhouse that loves our bay and does the work to keep it healthy.


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