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Sarasota Bay Watch’s 10th annual fundraiser for our community-driven scallop and southern hardshell clam restoration programs!
Sarasota Bay Watch created a community-driven restoration program to boost local scallop populations, enhance our fisheries, and improve water quality in Sarasota Bay. To date Sarasota Bay Watch volunteers have released over 100 million scallop larvae into the bay – an amazing accomplishment! And now we are raising funds to start the next cycle of scallop restoration.

Additionally, in 2018 released 250,000 southern hardshell clams into Sarasota Bay to help encourage our clam population to flourish.  Clams are essential for maintaining water quality of our bay as well as prevention of red tide.  We are now in the process of raising funds for our next quarter of a million clams!

Sarasota Bay Watch is celebrating 10 years of restoring and protecting local waters through volunteers and community support. Sarasota Bay is our back yard, and it is a community effort to keep it healthy and beautiful! Replenishing scallops and clams cleans the water, provides more food for snook, redfish, trout and other marine life, and makes the bay better for all of us.

Join the Sarasota Bay Watch team and support Scallopalooza!

Sarasota Bay Watch thanks you for your sponsorship and support of our efforts to continue to improve Sarasota Bay!

Sarasota Bay Watch
P.O. Box 1141, Osprey, FL 34229

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