Sarasota Bay Watch Membership

colorful scallops
colorful scallops

Sarasota Bay Watch Membership


Become a Member of Sarasota Bay Watch Today!

Sarasota Bay Watch relies on the continuing support from our community. Support from individuals, foundations and business here in Sarasota are key to our continued success. Through your annual membership, Sarasota Bay Watch can continue the important programs we’ve initiated, and make a positive difference, right here in Sarasota Bay.

  • Full-Time Student – $20.00
  • Individual – $50.00
  • Family – $100.00
  • Corporate – $500.00

Our social media, email updates, and website will keep you apprised of program and event information, as well as opportunities to volunteer! Please Like us on Facebook, and link to us on Twitter today, so you don’t miss any important information or announcements.

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